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“We’ve attacked financial lead generation from every angle you can imagine…. once the dust settled after millions upon millions spent, we’ve figured out what works and what doesn't.”

-Jason Stogsdill, Managing Director

“It’s a rarity to find someone who truly understands how to bring effective direct response marketing together with paid traffic. Well, Jason is one of those people!”
-Todd Brown | Marketing Funnel Automation

How can Traffic Titans help you breakthrough plateaus and

Increase Sales?

Risk-free financial leads

We invest our own time, money and resources into generating your business high quality financial leads. You only pay for the leads we deliver. As a performance-based advertising agency, Traffic Titans assumes all the risk for you.

Front-end funnel hacking

Even the world’s most elite media buyers can’t fix a broken funnel. Simply put, If your offer is weak it won’t convert. Our team of certified direct-response marketers advise you on which offers to promote and our team of creative virtuosos work directly with you to develop new ads and landing pages to give you the highest chances of creating a campaign that scales.

“Thanks to Jason Stogsdill MVP on this. He managed the whole $20k ad buy. Scored us two lists, got us discounted traffic, and even one list guaranteed CPL payment terms.”
-Justin Brooke | AdSkills.com

The TITAN Advantage

What’s the winning formula we use for filling your pipeline with high quality financial leads?

Offer Selection

The right offer makes all the difference. Our team advises you on which creative hooks to use to attract the most new financial leads and build a list of active buyers.


We create compelling ads designed to get the click and consistently create new ads to test and get the highest CTR.


The ad gets the click, but the landing page is where the conversion takes place. Our team builds and tests new landing pages regularly to give us the greatest chance of converting more clicks into qualified leads.


Once our front-end funnel is in place, we target millions of investors who have an active interest in trading and investing. We continuously test and optimize placements, creative and landing pages to give us a greater chance at success.

Traffic Titans is your solution to leads on demand.

Over 250,000 Leads Generated in 2019

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know… And now, it’s not who you know but who knows you… Big shout to Jason Stogsdill for helping us out in a BIG way. He reached out to someone on our behalf and made a killer intro.”
-Rory Stern, Founder & Chief Strategist | RFS Digital Media

“Just days after hiring him, Jason was helping us generate new sales and leads worth more than $100,000 per month.”
-Brenton Flynn, Publisher | InvestingDaily.com

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