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Andras Kertesz

What I love about working at Traffic Titans is the international team and the ability to use the latest cutting edge media buying trends. We create and manage campaigns for some of the biggest companies and constantly sharpening our skills through advanced training and evolving in order to keep delivering the average 2.4x or even higher ROI for our clients. I also like the “no matter what” culture within the company which I think is one of our company’s biggest advantage and is why we achieve such great results. Being a team leader that overlooks 20+ clients at a time and managing a I could have never dreamed of without the help of the leaders at Traffic Titans. On top of that, I love the fact that our achievements are also honored by great and unbeatable commissions and perks as well. I’m happy to be a member of the team! Go Titans Go!.

Penelope Ford

“I’ve grown so much in my profession, personally, and as a leader during my time here. There is a great balance between working hard, learning, support, and having fun! We have access to thousands of dollars worth of training materials, I love being a part of a growing business with a tight-knit group, leaders that give you the chance to fail with grace as we grow and try new things, and of course the Nespresso Machine and snacks get you through the day.”

Sam Carraway

The thing that I like most about working at Traffic Titans is that it runs like a tight ship, but no one is uptight. We work hard, but we are also like a family and do a lot of fun things together to build camaraderie and rise together as a team.

Perks of the Job

Free Snacks

We provide our team with a variety of healthy snacks and drink options to help you overcome the midday slump and fuel your focus.

Espresso Bar

Replenish your energy with gourmet espresso from the Titan Espresso Bar. Our espresso bar is fully stocked with milk and a variety of flavored syrups for crafting your favorite lattes.

Advanced Training Opportunities

Becoming a G.O.A.T requires ample amounts of training. We regularly invest in advanced training opportunities to help you level up and achieve more much faster.


Is there even such a thing as a workcation? Each year, our entire team participates in a company retreat where we can recharge, have fun and learn more.


Is there even such a thing as a workcation? Each year, our entire team participates in a company retreat where we can recharge, have fun and learn more.

Standing Desks

Sitting in a chair hunched over a computer can be bad for your health. We provide standing desks to help support your posture throughout the day.

Free Company Lunches

Once a week, we order lunch for the entire office.

Company Events & Happy Hours

We plan fun and exciting events each month! Previous events include kayaking in an underground cave and watching professional sports games in our corporate suite.

Independent Time Management

Need to go to the dentist, drop a package off at the post office or pick up the little one from day care a little early? Not a problem. As long as your responsibilities are met and this privilege is not abused, we are flexible with how you spend your time throughout the work day..

Phone Booths

Need to take a call, but concerned about privacy? No problem! We have two soundproof phone booths you can escape to whenever you need a bit of privacy or a moment to recharge, meditate and clear your mind.

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